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3 Steps a Productive Arizona Large Animal Home Care Visit When Dealing with a Sick or Injured Horse

Sick or Injured Large Animals Information and Details

Dealing with a sick or injured horse can be difficult. Not only is it emotionally taxing, but getting an Arizona large animal home care provider to visit your home for an emergency visit can be difficult and costly. To reduce the stress involved with the visit and to increase the chances of helping your horse regain health, follow this simple three-step process when your beloved pet becomes sick.

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Injured Large Animal

Step #1: Prepare Your Horse for the Visit

Ask the veterinarian if there are ways to best prepare your horse for the visit. This may include cleaning the wound, placing your horse in a halter and tying it off so it cannot lay down or simply cleaning and brushing the horse in preparation for an examination.

Step #2: Get Extra Help

Horses are often skittish around veterinarians, and your horse may be even more problematic if it is in pain from a wound or illness. Gather friends and family members to lend an extra hand to keep your horse calm or to assist with gathering the necessary equipment to better help your horse handle the vet’s visit and the wellness plan.

Step #3: Keep Your Vet Informed

When the veterinarian arrives, be sure to tell her about any behavior issues that your horse has and to provide her with pertinent medical history. If working with a new vet, provide her with a copy of the horse’s veterinary records if possible.