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3 Steps to Properly Brushing Your Horse

Brushing Your Horse provides great grooming for your beloved horse. The Last Ride Arizona discusses brushing your horse and the correct procedure.

When grooming a horse, you might be surprised to learn that the brushing process involves multiple steps and more than one type of brush. Here’s a look at what you need to do when brushing your horse.

Step #1: Loosen Dirt with a Grooming Mitt

The first step in the process involves loosening the dirt with the help of a curry comb or grooming mitt. During this step, you should move the comb or mitt in a circular fashion all over the horse’s body. Be sure to use a light touch when going over boney areas, such as the hips, shoulders and legs.

Brushing Your HorseStep #2: Brush with a Stiff Brush

While currying helps to get rid of the coarser dirt, a stiff brush will help to remove the dirt that the comb or mitt missed. Start on one side and move around the horse while brushing in sweeping strokes in the direction of the hair growth. The body brush may also be a better option than the curry comb for brushing the curves and angles on the legs.

Step #3: Use a Finishing Brush

Finally, you should use a finishing brush to bring out the shine in your horse’s coat. The finishing brush should have shorter, softer bristles and should be used in gentle whisking motion.

After caring for your horse for many years, the time may come when it has to be put down. When this day comes, you can trust The Last Ride to handle your companion in a respectful and dignified manner.