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3 Tips for Feeding Your Donkey

The Last Ride AZ Discusses Donkey Feeding Tips

When caring for a donkey, it is important to be sure you are providing it with the proper type and amount of food it needs to stay healthy. Since they are browsers, they can very easily overeat and become overweight. By keeping these donkey feeding tips in mind, however, you will keep your donkey healthy and happy

Tip #1: Feed the Right Hay

Donkeys do best when they are fed a high fiber/low protein hay. Since donkeys like to chew on something, the hay should be of moderate nutritional value. This way, they can have something to chew on without the hay being too rich and full of calories.

Donkey FeedingTip #2: Limit Access to Grass

When the grass is at its peak of growth, you will need to access your donkey’s access to it. Otherwise, they will continue to eat it until they have put on too many pounds.

Tip #3: Watch for Signs of Overeating

Since there are so many variations in donkey quality dependent upon the season or where the hay is grown, you will need to keep a close eye on your donkey’s weight and make food adjustments as necessary. Large crests, fat pads on their rumps or fat pads on their sides are all signs that your donkey is overweight. In this case, you should feed it slightly less to help it lose those extra pounds slowly.

After years of caring for your donkey, the time will come when it has to be put down. When this time comes, you can trust The Last Ride to assist with all of your dead animal removal Phoenix needs.