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Aftercare: Protecting Your Animals After a Natural Disaster Strikes

When a natural disaster strikes, there are many dangers that need to be avoided. Unfortunately, most large animal deaths during natural disasters such as the wildfires occurring in the west, Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida occur in indirect manners. In fact, the most common causes of death are collapsed barns, dehydration, electrocution from downed power lines and fencing failures. In many cases, these events occur after the actual event has passed.

To ensure your large animals are safe following a natural disaster, it is essential to check pastures and fences for sharp objects or other obstructions that could injure your animals. You also need to be aware of downed power lines, fallen trees and local wildlife that may have entered the area and pose a threat to your animals.

Protecting Your Animals After a Natural Disaster StrikesIf you happen upon someone else’s animal while inspecting your property, be sure to call the County Office of Emergency Services or any other emergency phone number that has been set up after the disaster. If possible, isolate the animal until it can be returned to its owner or examined by a veterinarian.

Even with the best preparation and aftercare, it is possible that you will lose an animal following a natural disaster. If this happens to you, you can count on The Last Ride to remove the animal in an efficient and respectful manner.