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All About Horse Trailers – Part 1

Part 1: What is a Horse Trailer?

A horse trailer is an essential tool when transporting horses, whether it’s to the vet, shows, or competitions. Horse trailers come in many sizes and styles and are designed to safely transport your horse from point A to point B. There are a few different types of horse trailers that you can choose from depending on your needs such as bumper pull, gooseneck, living quarters, stock trailer, straight load trailer and slant load trailer. They also come in many sizes and styles based on the size of your horse and the number of horses you need to transport.

Bumper pull trailers attach directly to the back of a truck via a ball hitch system. These trailers are often the most popular option because they’re easy to maneuver. Gooseneck trailers are slightly larger and more stable since they attach directly to the bed of a truck via an extended hitch system, providing extra stability and carrying capacity. Living quarters trailers contain a living area inside which may include amenities like kitchenette, bathroom, beds, television etc. The most common type of horse trailer is the stock trailer. These are open-air trailers with slatted sides to allow adequate ventilation for horses during transport. Straight load and slant load trailers are also available for single or multiple horse transport.

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