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All About Horse Trailers – Part 2

Part 2: Selecting Horse Trailer Size and Load Capacity

When selecting the right horse trailer for your needs it is important to consider both size and load capacity. The size of horse trailer you need should be determined by the number of horses you will be transporting as well as their physical size (height and weight). A good rule of thumb is that each horse should have a minimum of 24 feet of space.

When it comes to load capacity, you need to make sure your trailer can safely accommodate the weight of the horses and any additional supplies or equipment you may be transporting. The rule of thumb is that each horse should weigh no more than 2,000 pounds so you will want to choose a trailer with a total capacity that is at least 2,000 pounds greater than the combined weight of your horses. It is also important to consider the tongue weight of your trailer – the portion of weight concentrated on the ball hitch of your truck. The minimum tongue weight for a horse trailer is typically 10-15 percent of its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

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