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Anaplasmosis: Prevent its Spread with the Help of Professional Large Animal Removal Services

The Last Ride Arizona Discusses Anaplasmosis and Removing Deceased Animals

Large Animal Removal Service

Large Animal Removal Service

As the owner of a cow that has suddenly passed away, it is important to have the animal examined by a veterinarian in order to determine the cause of the death. In some cases, the cause of death poses a threat to other animas on the property, thereby making it necessary to hire a large animal removal service immediately in order to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

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One condition that can be spread to other cows on a farm is anaplasmosis, which is caused by parasite that attacks the red blood cells. An infected animal will become anemic, feverish and unusually tired. While the condition most frequently affects adults, it can cause abortions or can result in weak calves in cows that are heavily bred.

Blood samples need to be taken in order to diagnose this condition. Any cows that are found down but still alive should also be tested. Contact The Last Ride large animal removal service to have deceased cows removed as soon as possible to help prevent further spread.