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Basic Guidelines to Feeding Your Horse

As a first time horse owner, you may feel a bit apprehensive about feeding your horse. While you may have to do a bit of experimentation to find that combination of feed for your horse, there are a few general rules that you should keep in mind when determining how much to feed.

The biggest factors that will determine how much and what type of feed you should give your horse include its size, weight and workload. Generally speaking, horses need to eat about 2.5 percent of their body weight each day. A large portion of this should be in the form of roughage such as hay and grass. 

Once you do settle on a feeding routine, you should be sure to be consistent with your feed and to make changes gradually. This is because horses have sensitive digestive systems and abrupt changes can be difficult for them to process. It is for this reason that you should always measure accurately while also trying to maintain a balanced diet. You should also strive to keep the same feeding time and schedule. By keeping these general guidelines in mind, you will be sure to have a happy and healthy horse for years to come!

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