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Basic Tips for Horse Owner Safety

As a horse owner, it is essential to take steps to keep yourself safe. While horses are certainly a pleasure to own and to handle, they can also present a number of dangers if proper care is not taken. 

Basic Commands

The first step toward keeping yourself safe with your horse is to ensure it has learned how to understand basic commands. Some of these commands including teaching your horse to stand still and walk clear of the handler. 

General Handling

When leading and otherwise handling your horse, it is also important to wear gloves to help prevent injury from the ropes and lunge lines. In addition, you should never wrap the ropes or lunge lines around your hand, nor should you allow them to trail along the ground. 

Grooming SafetyIt is also important for you to tie up your horse when you are grooming it, even if you are grooming in the stable. In this way, you can move quietly and confidently around the horse without danger of becoming trapped in a corner. To ensure your horse is also kept safe, you should fit it with a well-fitting head collar with a lead rope that is secured through a loop of string that is attached to the tying-up ring. In this way, the horse can break the string if it panics and pulls back, thereby minimizing the possibility of being injured. 

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