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Addressing Behavior Problems When Training Your Horse

Training your horse can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. In addition to teaching your horse to neck reign, you might also want to teach it to perform some simple tricks. For example, many horse owners enjoy teaching their horse to give hugs and kisses. If your horse has a tendency to be nippy, however, teaching it to give kisses may not be a good idea.

Addressing Behavior Problems When Training Your HorseWhen training horses, there are a few problems that many owners encounter. For example, your horse may engage in head tossing, making it more difficult for you to teach it to use a reign. While it may seem like using a tie down will help to address this problem, this may not be the proper solution if the behavior stems from a specific issue. For example, your horse may be suffering from mouth soreness or its teeth may be too long and sharp. Addressing this physical issue will be a far more effective strategy for getting the negative behavior to cease.

Simply put, you should not simply assume that your horse is being stubborn or is “untrainable”. Rather, you should look into possible reasons for the issue so you can find ways to resolve the root of the problem. Often, you will find that the problem can be resolved with fair and consistent handling.

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