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Burying Your Beloved Pet with a Professional Phoenix Horse Removal Service

Phoenix horse removal can be a difficult process. Due to the size and weight of your beloved pet, simply moving the animal is impossible without the proper equipment. Similarly, finding the proper way to dispose of the animal can be difficult, particularly when it comes to knowing and understanding state and local laws regarding the proper disposal and burial of large animals.

Phoenix Horse Removal Service

Thanks to a change in the law that took place in 2000, it is now possible to bury your horse after its death. To utilize this option, however, your pet must be buried at a certified facility. This ensures the burial adheres to all of the regulations put in place by state and environmental departments. With over seven years of experience in large animal removal and disposal, The Last Ride has all of the proper connections to ensure your horse receives the burial you desire.

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With the help of The Last Ride, you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in local regulations or finding the equipment to transport your deceased pet. With our timely and compassionate service, we will remove your pet in a respectful manner while also getting it properly buried in an attractive and environmentally-friendly manner. Of course, if you have made other arrangements for the disposal of your pet, we will also transport your deceased horse to the proper facilities to complete your arrangements see this.