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Care for Your Beloved Pet with a Respectful Phoenix Horse Removal Service Following Euthanasia

Respectful, Experienced Phoenix Horse Removal Service

The decision to euthanize your horse or other large animal is not one that comes easily. After all, saying goodbye to a beloved pet is difficult. At the same time, euthanasia may be necessary to end your pet’s suffering. If you have decided that euthanasia is the right answer, here are some steps you should follow to make the process as easy on you and your pet as possible.

Phoenix Horse Removal Service

Phoenix Horse Removal Service

Step #1: Contact Your Veterinarian

If your horse has been suffering from an illness or incurable condition, your veterinarian is probably well aware of the situation. Once you have come to the decision to euthanize your animal, contact the veterinarian to arrange a time and place that will work for everyone involved while also keeping your horse as comfortable as possible. Your veterinarian should be willing to work with you in terms of meeting you in the area of the barn or on your property where your horse will feel the most comfortable and safe.

Step #2: Choose the Method

An overdose of sodium pentobarbital is the most common form of euthanasia in the United States. While it is generally a fast-acting and painless method of euthanasia, it may not be the best option for a horse with a compromised circulatory system. Talk to your veterinarian about your options and choose the one that is likely to work as quickly and pain-free as possible for your horse.

Step #3: Decide What to do with the Remains

After your horse has passed, you will have three primary options available: burial, cremation or rendering. Regardless of the method you choose, you can count on The Last Ride Arizona to provide a respectful Phoenix horse removal service as we remove your horse from your property and deliver it to the service you have selected.