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Caring for Your Horse’s Hooves and Teeth

The Last Ride AZ Provides Info on Horse Hooves and Teeth Care

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Phoenix Horse Removal Service

Caring for a horse requires more than just providing it with shelter and food. Rather, there are a number of things that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure your horse is comfortable, healthy and able to live a long and enjoyable life. Two of these requirements include providing your horse with regular hoof care and teeth maintenance.

Hoof Care

Proper hoof care for a horse involves trimming the hooves every six to eight weeks. It should also be noted that most horses do not need to have their hooves shoed. In fact, some hoof problems are actually related to shoeing. If your horse currently has shoes and you want to stop shoeing, talk to your veterinarian or farrier to determine the proper process to follow.

Tooth Care

Since horse teeth grow continuously, they can become oversized or worn unevenly. This can lead to share points and edges that cause pain and difficulty when chewing. Therefore, your veterinarian or an equine dentist should check your horse’s teeth once or twice per year to make them smoother in a process known as floating. If not properly addressed, your horse can develop dental disease, which can lead to choking, weight loss and even colic.

Even with proper care, the time will eventually come when your horse will need to be put down or will pass of natural causes. When that day comes, we hope you trust The Last Ride to provide you with the most professional and respectful horse removal and burial services in Arizona.