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Cattle Dehorning: Keeping Your Herd Safe

Dehorning of cattle is a necessary procedure that helps to protect livestock handlers as well as other members of the herd. Not only are dehorned animals easier to handle and transport, but they also command a higher price at auction than those that still have their horns. Dehorning also helps to keep the individual animal safe, as it reduces the risk of injury or infection to the animal. For all of these reasons, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recognizes dehorning as a necessary management practice for animal and human safety.

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Cattle Dehorning Keeping Your Herd SafeUnfortunately, dehorning does create pain for the animal. This is because the corneal nerve runs from behind the eye to the base of the horn. Dehorning also creates a delayed inflammatory reaction. For these reasons, the American Veterinary Medical Association also recommends the use of procedure and practices to help eliminate or mitigate discomfort. This typically involves using medications and applying local anesthetic. Since young calves tend to recover more quickly and experience fewer complications, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends dehorning at the earliest age possible.

Even with the proper care, your cattle may become deceased prematurely. If this happens, quick removal of the large animal carcass is essential. When this happens, you can trust The Last Ride to provide you with reliable and effective service.