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Providing Your Cattle with a Fresh Supply of Water

When raising beef cattle, ensuring your animals have access to clean, fresh water every day is essential. This isn’t always an easy task considering cattle drink between three to 30 gallons of water every day during cool weather. On hot days, such as those frequently experienced in Arizona, their water needs increase significantly. Here is a look at your two primary options for providing water to your cattle.


Providing Your Cattle with a Fresh Supply of WaterA trough is a good way to provide water to your cattle, but it is important to remember that algae can develop inside the tank. In addition, cattle sometimes drop manure into troughs if they stand too close to them. To help make it easier to clean, choose a trough made of galvanized steel. You will also need a good scrub brush and access to a forceful spray of water from a hose in order to keep your trough clean.

Ponds and Streams

Ponds and streams can serve as a good natural source for water. If using these sources, however, you need to be sure your fencing is constructed in such a way to prevent your cattle from wandering. For example, your fence should extend over your stream so your cattle can’t simply walk downstream and leave the pasture. It is also important to note that streams sometimes feed into nearby drinking water supplies, so be sure to talk with your county agent before turning your cattle out to a nearby stream.

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