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Choosing Bedding for Your Horse: Peat Moss and Straw

While wood shavings and wood pellets are the two most commonly used options for horse bedding, you might also want to consider using either peat moss or straw. According to the studies conducted on bedding, peat moss is the most absorbent option available. In addition, it is a great addition to your compost pile, your pasture or your garden. On the other hand, peat moss can be dusty at drier times of the year or when used in a windy location. Some horse owners also find the appearance of peat moss to look dirty and unappealing. Of course, peat moss also requires shipping, which can make it a more expensive option.

Choosing Bedding for Your Horse: Peat Moss and Straw

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Straw is the traditional bedding used for horses and, therefore, has a long history of being used effectively. Straw bedding is most commonly found at racetracks and at breeding farms. Since it is not particularly absorbent, straw is usually used to create a barrier between the manure and urine as it settles to the bottom of the stall. As such, you have to apply a deep layer of straw in order to achieve the desired effect. Straw is often a low-cost option, with wheat and oat straw being the most commonly used.

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