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Choosing Bedding for Your Horse: Wood Pellets

As you explore the various bedding options that are available for your horse, you will need to consider where and how you will store the bedding, whether or not your horse has allergies to certain types of bedding, the availability of the bedding and cost-effectiveness of various types of bedding.

Choosing Bedding for Your Horse: Wood Pellets

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Wood pellets are one option that you might consider for your horse bedding. Typically made from fir, alder or pine, wood pellets are made from a combination of wood and sawdust. The material is compressed in a small, hard pellet that expands back into sawdust after it has been exposed to moisture. As such, wood pellets are low in dust and are usually easy to story. Typically sold by the bag, pellets can eve be stored outside if they are covered with a tarp.

When using pellets, you should first lay down a rubber mat before emptying two to three bags into a clean stall. The pellets will break down on their own from hoof action and moisture, though you can also spray them in order to gently dampen them and turn them into sawdust. Cleaning the stall is similar to the process used to clean a cat’s litter box, which means you only have to remove the manure and the wet portions of the bedding before remixing it with dry.

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