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Cleaning Your Horse’s Stall Part 1: Getting Prepared

As a horse owner, you will need to clean your horse’s stall on a regular basis. Failure to do so will result in unwanted insects and pests while also putting your horse at risk of developing hoof and breathing problems. Therefore, you should expect to take about 20 minutes each day to give your horse’s stall a quick cleaning. Some of the tools you will need for the task include:

  • Wheelbarrow or cart
  • Pitchfork
  • Broad Shovel
  • Rubber boots
  • Work gloves

You may also want to obtain a shavings fork to help move shavings or sawdust as well as a stable broom. An odor-control solution may also be necessary. 

With your equipment secured, the first step in cleaning your horse’s stall is to wear appropriate clothing. Gloves will help to prevent blisters while rubber boots will be safe from the corrosive effects of urine. 

Next, you will want to send your horse out to pasture for grazing or exercising while you clean the stall. If this is not possible, put the horse into an empty stall. You should also remove all feed tubs, water buckets and toys before you begin to clean. 

Finally, assemble all of your tools and equipment close to the stall door. Your wheelbarrow should be set facing in the direction that you will need to roll once the wheelbarrow is full, thereby making it easier for you to roll out of the stall when ready. 

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