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Cleaning Your Horse’s Stall Part 2: The Cleaning Process

Once you, your equipment and the stall have all been properly prepared for cleaning, you can actually begin the cleaning process. 

The process you use to clean your stall will be slightly different depending upon the bedding that you have in your stall. For example, if your stall is bedded with straw, you will want to use the pitchfork to remove any soiled bedding. If you have sawdust or shavings, on the other hand, you will use a shavings fork to remove the waste. If the bedding is particularly damp or soiled, it may be easier to use a shovel to pick it up and place in in the wheelbarrow. 

While removing soiled and wet bedding, be sure to also move unsoiled bedding to the side in order to check to ensure there is no wet or soiled bedding hidden underneath. This bedding can then be moved back into place and spread back throughout the stall. 

As you fill the wheelbarrow, avoid the temptation to fill it really high. A full wheelbarrow can be very difficult to move and to maneuver, making it easier to accidentally tip. Generally speaking, it is better to take a few trips back and forth from the stall to the manure pile where you are dumping all of the waste. 

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