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Cleaning Your Horse’s Stall Part 3: The Deep Clean

Even with regular maintenance of your stall, an occasional deep cleaning may be necessary. This will help to ensure your horse’s stall is free from potential insects, fungus, molds or other issues that may have developed beneath the top bedding layers that you did not notice. 

To complete a deep cleaning of your stall, you will simply remove all of the bedding and manure from the stall. You will use the same process that you use for a standard cleaning, meaning you will simply load all of the bedding and waste into the wheelbarrow or cart so you can roll it out to your manure pile. Obviously, you should expect to take several trips when emptying out the stall completely.

Once the stall is completely free from bedding, you will use a shovel to scrape any remnants that may have stuck to the floor. Then, use the broom to sweep the floor clean. Next, you will put down any odor-control solution or stable disinfectant that you wish to use. Once the floor is completely dry, you can rebed the stall with clean bedding. If spreading straw, you will want to be sure to fluff the new bedding with a pitchfork. For shavings, use your shavings fork to fluff the new bedding. 

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