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Creating a Safe Environment for Your Horse

Creating a safe environment for your horse is an essential part of keeping it healthy. While you may never be able to prevent every type of accident from happening, you can certainly help to reduce the likelihood while always remaining alert to potential dangers.

Remaining Vigilant

To help ensure that your horse’s environment is safe, you should walk the pasture and fence line on a regular basic in order to check for things such as hay strings, stray litter and anything else that could be unsafe if ingested. You should also look for and remove poisonous plants while also inspecting for a repairing unsafe sections of fence. 

In addition to walking your pasture and fence line, you should also check your horse’s stall on a regular basis to ensure there are no sharp objects or other items that could cause injury. Similarly, if moving your horse to a new location, be sure to check that area to ensure it is safe before making the move. 

Preventing Fear

Part of keeping your horse safe also means avoiding imprinting fear. Keep in mind that horses can develop a fear response to certain things after having a negative experience. Therefore, you should be sure to proceed slowly with training while always watching for signs that you are pushing too hard.

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