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Creating the Proper Shelter for Your Cattle

Properly sheltering your cattle is one of the keys to ensuring the long health and safety of your cattle. Several things must be considered when creating a shelter for your cattle. These include:

  • Proper ventilation
  • Proper temperature
  • Ample space
  • Proper Bedding
  • Adequate Fencing

Whether you have a three-sided structure of a totally enclosed barn, you need to be sure the structure is properly ventilated and protected from any wind. It is also important to ensure the barn is not too warm in the winter, as humidity from urine, body moisture and manure can rise and cause pneumonia while also encouraging the formation of molds. 

Your cattle should also have plenty of dry, clean bedding, with woodchips or straw generally being considered the most suitable. Your cattle should never have to stand on hard surfaces such as concrete. Damp and soiled bedding should be removed daily and replaced with fresh bedding. Of course, fencing is also an essential component. The fencing should be high enough to keep the cattle in as well as taut and properly secured to posts. Single strand electric mobile fencing is also beneficial to help keep your cattle in place if you are not running a free range cattle farm.

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