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Determining When Euthanasia is Necessary

Large animal removal services

Large animal removal services are typically necessary after making the decision to euthanize a horse or other large animal. Determining whether or not euthanasia is necessary, however, can be a difficult decision. The reality is that a number of factors must be considered when determining if euthanasia is appropriate. To that end, here are some questions you should ask when deciding if euthanasia is necessary:

  • Is the animal experiencing intense pain that cannot be subsided with pain killers?
  • Is the animal likely to continue to experience intense pain over a long period of time?
  • Is recovery from the injury or illness unlikely?
Large animal removal services

Large animal removal services

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, euthanasia may be necessary. Certain diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, a broken leg, weakness or neurologic diseases can severely lessen the animal’s quality of life, making euthanasia the humane option. If your horse is unable to stand on its own, it is at risk of developing complications or even dying from dehydration, improper internal organ function, digestive shut down, nerve damage and muscle problems.

While euthanizing your horse or other large animal is heartbreaking, there are times when making this decision is in the best interest of your animal. If the time has come to put your pet down, contact The Last Ride to meet all of your large animal removal needs.