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Do Horses Need Companionship?

Horses are large animals, and in the wild they live in herds.

Do Horses Need Companionship? In domestic settings, horses often don’t have the same opportunity to socialize. This can lead to problems with boredom, anxiety, and even aggression.

One way to help horses cope with living alone is to provide them with companionship, either in the form of another horse or a donkey. Donkeys are especially good companions for horses because they bond well and have a calming effect.

If you’re considering getting a companion for your horse, make sure to do your research and choose an animal that will be a good match.

You’ll also need to provide adequate space for both horses to roam and exercise.

In Arizona, horses are often kept as companions for other livestock such as cattle. This is because horses help to keep the other animals calm and can deter predators. If you have horses and other livestock on your property, make sure to provide plenty of space and resources so that everyone has enough to eat and drink.

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