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Donkey Companions: Keeping Each Other Happy

The Last Ride discusses Donkey Companions

Are you thinking about purchasing a donkey as your new animal companion? If so, it is important to note that donkeys are very social creatures. Therefore, in order to keep your Donkey Companions happy, you should probably consider bringing home a pair of donkeys to keep each other company. This is particularly true if you are purchasing a miniature donkey, due to the smaller size of these animals. If you are purchasing a larger donkey or mule, on the other hand, providing companions in the form of horses and ponies may be enough to keep your new pet happy.

Donkey CompanionsIf you have just one donkey and you are wondering if he or she is in need of Donkey Companions, there are several signs to look for that indicate your pet is unhappy. An unhappy donkey has the tendency to be noisy and destructive. It may also chew on your fences, barns or trees. Unhappy donkeys may also come across as especially needy, pushy or mouthy.

Most donkeys are content to share the same stall or to eat with their companion, so you generally do not have to create additional space for an additional donkey if you have already provided adequate space for the first one.

Even with the best of care, the time will come when your new pet has to be put down. When this time comes, you can trust The Last Ride to remove the body for dead animal removal arizona in the respectful way your animal companion deserves.