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Exploring Bos Taurus Beef Cattle Breeds

Did you know that there are several different types of beef cattle? Among these are several breeds that fall within the Bos taurus family of cattle. Here is a look at some of the main Bos taurus breeds.


Possibly the most well-known breed of beef cattle, the Angus originated in Scotland. Angus beef cattle have a black coat and are well-suited to vealer, steer and bullock production.


Developed in France, the Charolais features a white or cream coat along with polled and horned strains. The Charolais is well-suited to bullock production. 


Originally from England, the Hereford is characterized by its horns and its red coat paired with a white face and underline. The Hereford is well-suited to vealer, steer and bullock production. 


Featuring light brown coloring and horns, the Limousin is a heavily muscled breed that originates from France. This breed is known for its high meat yield and minimum fat. 

Murray Grey

Originating from Victoria, the Murray Grey was developed from the Angus Shorthorn in 1905. This breed features a dun grey coat that may range from silver grey to dark grey. The Murray Grey is well-sited to vealer, steer and bullock production. 


Characterized by its red, roan or white coat, the Shorthorn originated from England can be polled or horned. The Shorthorn is well-suited to vealer, steer and bullock production. 

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