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Exploring Your Horse Removal and Burial Options

The Last Ride AZ Provides Horse Removal and Burial Options

If you have lost a horse or are facing the decision of putting one down, you know how difficult this time can be. Not only do you want your horse to experience as little pain as possible, but you also want the horse removal and burial process to be as respectful as possible.

horse removal and burial

horse removal and burial

With the help of The Last Ride, you can rest assured that your horse will be respectfully removed from your property and transported to the facility of your choosing. If you wish to bury your horse, you will need to look into the options that are available to you. When it comes to burial, you have two primary options: burying the ashes of your horse or burying your uncremated horse.

Whether you chose to cremate or not, you may choose to bury your horse in one of the pet cemeteries in the area. To show additional love and respect to your horse, you may even wish to purchase a headstone or even consider an above ground crypt. Another option is to simply plant a fruit tree to mark where your horse is buried.

Before you make your decision about where you will bury your horse, you might want to look into the cemetery to ensure it will not be dug up in a few years to clear space for something new. This way, you can rest easy in knowing that your pet will be able to rest in peace for years to come in an area where you can visit whenever you like.