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Exploring the Importance of Movement for Your Horse

When caring for a horse, there are several steps you need to take to ensure it remains healthy. While most horse owners are fully aware that they need to make sure their horse eats properly, gets fresh water and stays safe from nasty weather elements, some may fail to recognize the importance of providing for opportunities for movement.

Caring for Your Horse’s Mental Well-Being

Allowing your horse to have opportunity for movement is not just about maintaining its physical health. Allowing for movement is also an essential part of caring for your horse’s mental well-being, too. Simply standing in a stall all day is not going to keep your horse happy and healthy. 

Offering a Variety of Movement Opportunities

Ideally, your horse should be provided with a variety of movement opportunities. If your horse does not have access to a pasture, you will play a particularly important role in ensuring your horse gets the exercise it needs. Simply riding your horse is a good way to get it moving while also helping to keep it mentally stimulated. Of course, this is also a great bonding time for you and your horse!

If you have difficulty finding time to exercise your horse, you may want to find an exercise buddy. Together, you can help each other out with exercising your horses when time is tight. Try to find opportunity for your horse to meander around the pasture, trail ride and exhibit bursts of speed. All of this type of movement will help to lead to a healthy gut, strong feet and bones, well-lubricated joints and improved musculoskeletal health. 

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