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Exploring the Pros and Cons of a Stable Vs. a Run-In Shelter

When considering the type of shelter that you want for your horse, you may be considering installing a run-in shelter for your horse rather than a stable. While a run-in shelter is often cheaper and easier to maintain, there are several advantages to having a stable that you may wish to consider.

The biggest advantage to having a stable rather than a run-in shelter is the fact that it allows you to fully protect your horse from the weather and from other animals. Since a run-in shed has an exposed side, your horse may not be able to get fully away from harsh weather conditions. Even worse, your horse may not choose to come inside from harsh weather. Having a stable allows you to make this decision for your horse.

Another concern with using a run-in shed is that other animals can more easily cause problems for your horse, including other horses. If you have a dominant horse, it may not allow other horses to enter the run-in shed. With each horse having a stable in the barn, you can ensure all of your animals are happy and healthy while also monitoring their food intake and manure output. While using stables may be more costly and more work to maintain, they are generally considered to be a better option for having happy, healthy horses. 

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