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Gathering the Tools for Proper Horse Grooming

Horse Grooming helps keep a healthy, happy horse. The Last Ride AZ discusses grooming care for your beloved horse.

Grooming your horse is not only a great opportunity for you to spend time with your companion, but it also offers a great opportunity to check for injuries and other problems that might need to be addressed. Therefore, it is a good idea to make grooming a part of your daily routine. At the very minimum, it should be performed before riding your horse, as the grit beneath the saddle can be very uncomfortable for your horse and can even lead to girth sores.

horse groomingSome of the basic equipment that is needed when grooming your horse include:

  • A curry comb or grooming mitt
  • A body brush with stiff bristles
  • A mane and tail comb
  • A finishing brush with soft bristles
  • A hoof pick
  • A soft cloth or sponge

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All of these tools can be stored in a wide bucket, which can then be easily moved from place to place while grooming. Some additional items that can be nice to have when grooming your horse include grooming spray, hoof ointment and scissors or clippers.

Taking proper care of your horse will help to ensure it lives a long and healthy life. When the time comes that your horse does pass on, you want to be sure your companion receives the care it deserves. With The Last Ride, you can rest assured that your beloved horse will be removed and transported in a respectful manner. Contact us to learn more.