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Hay Is For Horses

What is Hay?

Hay Is For Horses, and is an important part of a horse’s diet. Not only does it make it possible to keep horses in climates and conditions that are otherwise unnatural for them, but it is also an excellent substitute for times when grass is not available or when the horse is being transported to a different area. Before feeding hay to your horse, however, it is helpful to have a better understanding of what it is and how it provides nutrients to your horse.

Simply put, hay is a mixture of grasses and legumes that have been dried to the point that there is only about 18% of its moisture remaining. Hay is the most nutritious when it is cut before the seed heads are fully developed. When prepared for horses, it is typically baled in either small square bales. Large, round bales are generally used for feeding cattle, though they may be used for feeding horses that are kept indoors.

Hay is for HorsesThe grasses that are typically cultivated for hay are brome grass, timothy and orchard grasses. The exact mixture of grasses found in your hay will depend upon what is native or hardy to the area where it is grown and baled. Legumes frequently grown with hay grasses include red clover and alfalfa. These legumes provide more protein than grasses, with a mix of grasses and legumes being the best option in terms of nutrition.

Despite your best care, the time will one day come when your horse has to be put down. When this day comes, you can trust The Last Ride to remove your horse with the dignity and respect it deserves.