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Heath issues with older horses

Heath issues with older horses can range from arthritis to laminitis and could be caused by age-related wear and tear or even nutrition. Proper care should be taken in order to ensure the horse is comfortable and healthy as it ages, including regular vet visits, monitoring for dental issues, providing adequate exercise, and making sure the horse is consuming a balanced diet with added supplements as necessary. Additionally, owners need to be aware of signs of pain or illness that may indicate further medical attention is needed. If a horse begins showing signs of joint stiffness or difficulty eating or moving around the paddock, it’s important to contact the vet immediately. Lastly, older horses are prone to colic due to digestive tract changes that occur with age; therefore careful management of feeding schedules and exercise routines must be taken in order to reduce the risk of colic.

By taking the proper care and providing the necessary attention to an older horse, you can help it stay happy and healthy throughout its life. Despite any issues that may arise, these horses still have a lot of love to give and should not be overlooked when searching for a companion. With patience and understanding, an older horse can make a wonderful addition to any family or stable who will provide them with the care they deserve.

Online resources such as provide compassionate services specifically designed for horses and large animals in Arizona. With these resources at your disposal, you can ensure that your beloved pet receives respectful care even after death.

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