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Caring For Your Horse in Extreme Heat Conditions

We all know that the heat can reach extreme levels in Arizona. Therefore, beyond providing water, shade and salt, you may need to take additional steps to keep your horse safe during more extreme temperatures. Here are some things that you might want to consider.

Bring the Horse In

During the hottest parts of the day, you may want to consider bringing your horse in to your shelter and possibly hosing them down in order to help keep them cool. If your horses are not taking advantage of the shade that is available, you may need to take this step to ensure they do not become overheated.

Set Up a Sprinkler System

Setting up a sprinkler system in your pasture area can also be helpful with keeping your horses cool. Obviously, you want to avoid oversaturation and creating problems with mud, but keeping it outside of your pasture/paddock fencing and setting it to periodically spray in the pasture can give your horses a much-needed cooldown.

Install Fans

Installing fans in your run-in area can also go a long way toward keeping your horses cool. Just be sure the cords are safely out of reach so your horses cannot become entangled or chew on the cords.

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