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Horse Stable Routine To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Happy

Good horse care starts with a proper routine for the stable.

Establishing and following a good stable routine helps to keep your horse healthy, happy, and comfortable. Below are some tips for creating an effective care plan:

• Feeding: Feed your horse at approximately the same time each day. Make sure you provide them with plenty of quality hay or pasture grass. Monitor their weight regularly to ensure they’re not under- or over-eating.

• Water: Fresh water should be available in the stable at all times — especially during hot weather. Change out their water bowl once per day to keep it clean and prevent bacterial growth.

• Grooming: Take time every day to groom your horse and check their skin for any irritations, sores, or other problems. Bathing them regularly can also help to prevent skin issues.

• Exercise: Taking your horse out for regular rides is an important part of their health routine. If you’re unable to ride them daily, make sure they get plenty of exercise in the stable — such as walking on a lead rope or playing with toys.

• Hoof Care: A healthy hoof care routine will help keep your horse comfortable and safe from injury. Make it a habit to inspect your horse’s hooves every day and clean out any debris stuck in them. You should also trim their hooves about every six weeks.

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