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Importance Of Horse Shoeing

Importance Of Horse Shoeing – Horse shoeing is an important part of horse care and maintenance. It helps keep the hooves healthy, protects them from wear and tear, and allows them to perform better. Having well-shod horses provides more traction on a variety of surfaces, reduces slipping and strain on the feet, and offers additional protection for the foot structures. Additionally, shoes can be set with nails or other materials to provide even greater support in certain situations. In order to ensure that your horse’s hooves are correctly shod, it’s important to have a qualified farrier take care of this task.

The farrier should be experienced in all types of shoeing – from therapeutic applications to performance shoeing – so they know exactly how to ensure your horse’s hooves are healthy and sound. Properly shod horses are able to perform better, have fewer issues with their feet, and maintain the health of their hooves for a longer period of time. Investing in quality farrier services on a regular basis is an important part of responsible horse ownership.

The Last Ride Arizona is a full-service equine transportation company based out of Arizona. They offer a variety of services to help horse owners and riders with their large animal removal needs. Their experienced team of drivers are knowledgeable in respectfully transporting your pet for burial or cremation.

The Last Ride Arizona provides large animal removal services when it is time to say goodbye to your deceased pet or large animal. Contact us today, we can help.