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What Should Be Included In Your Horse’s Diet?

Proper feeding of your horse is essential for its good health and long life. Your feeding routine should be consistent while also including all of the following.  


Roughage, which includes things such as grass and hay, should make up the majority of your horse’s diet. Be sure to buy the best quality roughage for your horse, as cheap hay is often dusty and may not be properly screened for poisonous plants. It is important to note that horses cannot eat the same roughage that is fed to cows, as their digestive systems are not designed in the same way. 

Hard Feed

Hard feed, which includes cereals and grains, may not be necessary for all horses. Whether or not your horse needs hard feed is largely dependent upon the amount of work that it does. In most cases, your horse should only need a handful of hard feed included in its daily diet. Be sure to monitor your horse’s weight and to reduce the amount of hard feed that it receives if being overweight becomes an issue. 


Most horses will benefit from basic vitamin and mineral supplements. Older horses and competition horses may also benefit from special supplements, such as joint supplements. It is a good idea to consult with your vet before adding supplements to your horse’s diet. This way, you can be sure you are providing the right type and amount to benefit your horse and its overall health.

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