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Large Animal Removal and Disposal


Keep the Earth Healthy with by Following the Proper Large Animal Removal Procedures

Large animal removal

Large animal removal is a process that needs to be taken seriously and done correctly. After all, if animal carcasses are improperly disposed, it can result in a community health hazard. Not only can the carcass attract bugs and scavengers, but the decomposing carcass can pollute nearby water sources and even pollute the air through the release of carbon.

Large Animal Removal and Burial

Large Animal Removal and Burial –

While you may think that your one horse or large animal will make a difference, the reality is that there are an estimated 9.2 million horses in the United States. This means there are approximately 300,000 horses each year that need to be composted, buried or rendered, and this doesn’t even count the many new horses that will be born over the years. If each of these horses weighs 1,000 pounds, that equates to approximately 150,000 tons of flesh, tissue and bone that needs to be disposed.

Given these figures, it is understandable why some areas have very strict guidelines in place for large animal removal. To ensure you are following all of the proper guidelines and laws while also guaranteeing your pet or farm animal is treated with respect and dignity, contact The Last Ride Arizona to meet all of your large animal removal needs.