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Keeping Your Cattle Cool in the Arizona Heat: Part 2 of 3

In this second of a three-part series, we will discuss additional ways to keep your cattle cool and healthy during the hot Arizona spring and summer. 

In addition to providing your cattle with high-quality food, you should also be sure to provide them with shade whenever possible. Your cattle should be able to self-regulate in terms of knowing when they need to go in and out of the shade. While they may not choose to stay in the shade the entire time, shade should always be an option that is available to them.

When ensuring there is a shady spot available, you should also make sure there are no potential issues that would keep your cattle from utilizing the shady spot. For example, shade located along a brushy creek bottom may be problematic because it could be swarming with biting flies. The area may also be problematic if it does not have any wind movement. Keep in mind that cattle generally prefer to be in a high spot or on a ridge with a breeze that keeps them away from flies. 

You can further help to cool things down by installing misters and fans in feedlots as well as on the range. These options are obviously a bit more difficult to implement than providing a shaded area, but are highly beneficial in keeping cattle cool. 

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