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Keeping Your Horse Happy with Ample Social Time

As we continue to deal with the pandemic and stay at home orders, many are fully realizing just how important it is to be able to maintain a social life. Just as with humans, the same is true for your horse! In fact, if you want your horse to stay happy and healthy, it is absolutely essential that you find opportunity for it to enjoy a social life.

The Importance of Socializing

Horses are herd animals. Therefore, they naturally crave companionship from other horses. In addition, socializing with other horses helps them to gain social skills while also learning appropriate behaviors. A young horse that is allowed to socialize with an old gelding, for example, will learn a number of skills that can never be properly taught by a human. 

Providing Your Horse with Social Time

If you do not already have another horse, you may want to consider purchasing one in order to give your horse a companion. Similarly, if you do have more than one horse, you will want to be sure to give them opportunity to spend time together out at pasture. If getting a second horse is not possible, consider stalling a goat or a donkey with your horse in order to provide it with some sort of companionship. Or, if you have access to an indoor arena, find out if you can turn your horse out with some other horses in the arena on occasion. Not only will your horse enjoy this time with friends, but it will likely learn some valuable social skills as well.

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