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Keeping Your Horse Safe from the Heat of Arizona Summers: Part 2

When taking steps to keep your horse safe from the heat of an Arizona summer, proper shade and shelter is essential. In order to ensure that the shelter is a safe place for your horse, however, you need to make sure there is plenty of ventilation in place. Otherwise, the shelter may become more of a hotbox rather than a safe haven for your horse.

Creating Air Flow

In order to ensure there is proper ventilation in the shelter that you have in place for your horse, you should take steps to get enough air flow in the shelter. This typically involves using a large fan. Of course, you will need to be sure that the fan is placed in a safe location where the horse will not be able to touch it or the power source for the fan. You may also need to give your horse or horses time to get used to the fan, as the motion and the sound from the fan may be scary to them at first. 

Utilizing Mist Fans

You can take your cooling measures a step further by installing misting fans in your shelter. Your horse will enjoy a bit of a cool down when it absorbs water through its skin. If misting fans are not an option, even a nice mist from the hose will go a long way toward keeping your horse cool.

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