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Keeping Your Horse Safe from the Heat of Arizona Summers: Part 3

Even with taking all of the proper precautions for your horse, it is possible that the hot summer sun can lead to sunburn for your horse. Knowing how to prevent sunburn and how to treat it, however, will help to keep your horse more comfortable this summer.

Preventing Sunburn in Your Horse

To prevent sunburn in your horse, you should use sun cream on the pink areas of your horse’s body, such as around its head and heels. Sun cream for horses is available, but you can also use children’s sunblock. Either way, you should test a small area of your horse first, just to be sure it is not allergic. You may also want to consider putting a full face mask on your horse in order to further protect it from sunburn. 

Treating Sunburn in Your Horse

If your horse actually does become sunburned, specialist creams are available to help rehydrate and soothe your horse’s skin. If the sunburn is crusty or if it is weeping fluid, you should contact your vet right away to learn more about your treatment options. Your vet will be able to treat the sunburn and prescribe the proper medication to get your horse healthy and happy again. 

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