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Keeping Your Horse Safe from the Hot Arizona Sun

The Last Ride Arizona provides info about keeping your horse healthy and safe

With summer upon us, it is important to take the necessary steps to keep your horses and other large animals safe from the extremely hot Arizona temperatures. One way you can help to keep your animal cool is to choose cooler turnout times and to provide shade for animals that are spending time outdoors.

If your horse has a stall, try to turn it out during the times of the day that are cooler. The best time for enjoying cooler temperatures would be overnight, but even turning your horse out early in the day will go a long way toward keeping it more comfortable and preventing heat-related illnesses. You should also keep in mind that the summer heat may reduce the quality of your pasture, so be sure to provide additional feed as your grass becomes sparse.

Providing shade is another good way to keep your horse safe while outside in the hot temperatures. While trees can provide shade, the shade they offer will change as the sun moves. Therefore, it is best to provide a run-in shed for your horse to use to escape the sun regardless of the time of day. By keeping these simple tips in mind, you will go a long way toward keeping your horse happy, healthy and safe this summer.

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