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Keeping Your Horses Safe with Wise Fencing Choices

When pasturing a horse, installing safe fencing is essential. While you may be tempted to install barbed wire, it is important to note that this type of fencing is not safe for horses. While cattle have tough hides that can withstand barbed wire, this is not true for horses. As such, injury can occur when barbed wire is installed to serve as fencing for horses.

Wood fencing is a popular option among horse owners because it looks great and creates the picturesque image often associated with horse farms. Unfortunately, these boards do rot and the nails can become rusty and lose. Therefore, a great alternative is to use wood posts and top rails combined with diamond woven or small-square wire that is too small for a hoof to get through. Not only will this keep your horses in, but it will keep wildlife out.

Wood-look flexible plastic boards is another low-maintenance option, as is plastic-coated triple wire, but these options can become quite expensive. For those on a budget, highly-visible electric tape or rope may be a good alternative. This is not a good option, however, for perimeter fencing or if you have a stallion. Rather, it may be a good choice when dividing fields or otherwise making an inner fence.

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