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Must-Have Items to Include in Your Horse First-Aid Kit

To help ensure you are prepared for emergencies that may develop with your horse, it is good idea to create a first-aid kit to keep on hand at all times. Here is a look at some of the items that should be included in your kit.

Bandages and Wraps

Your first-aid kit should contain a variety of bandages and wraps, including self-sticking bandages that will help to keep your dressing and wraps in place. A clean set of leg wraps should also be kept in your kit, as well as something that can be used for wound dressing or for padding under leg wraps. Good options include Gamgee cloth, disposable diapers, cotton gauze bandages or leg cottons. 

Ointments and Cleaners

A good first-aid kit will include a variety of ointments, creams and cleaners. A tub of zinc oxide is helpful for soothing and protecting sunburns or addressing minor cuts and nicks. Epsom salts are also beneficial for drawing out infection, while antiseptic wound cleaner is useful for washing out skin infections, cuts and punctures. 


Your first-aid kit should also include a pair of sharp scissors to cut your dressing and wraps. Wire or bolt cutters are also a good idea in case your horse gets entangled in something, such as a wire fence. 


A mercury or digital thermometer should also be included in your first-aid kit. Some digital thermometers will even let you save your last reading, which can help you to better keep track of your horse’s temperature without needing to write it down. 

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