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Positioning Yourself for Safety When Working with Your Horse

When working with your horse in any kind of way, it is important to position yourself in such a way that gives you the best opportunity for safety. This includes the position of your body in relation to the horse as well as how you hold your body while working with the horse.

Choosing the Right Location

One of the first steps you need to take toward safety is to position your body in a safe location while working with your horse. For example, you should never stand directly behind or in front of your horse. In addition, if you are holding your horse while it is being treated by someone, such as a veterinarian or a farrier, you should position yourself on the same side of the horse as the other person. 

Opting for the Right Position

If you are doing something with your horse that requires you to be closer to the ground, such as working on its feet and legs, you should squat beside the horse rather than sitting or kneeling. This is because squatting will allow you to react more quickly and move out of the way if necessary. Similarly, when lifting the horse’s leg, you should rest your arm in front of its cannon bone. In this way, if the horse pulls the leg away, you will be less likely to be kicked. 

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