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Preventing Injury When Handling Cattle

While cattle are not typically aggressive animals, it is important to keep in mind that they are very strong and can very easily cause injury if handled incorrectly. As with any large animal, it is important to be very careful when working with your cattle. Some natural movements to watch for that can result in accidental injury when around cattle include:

  • Moving their heads from side to side to swat at flies and accidentally hitting you in the process
  • Walking and accidentally stepping on and crushing your foot

On the other hand, when a cow is confined, it can feel threatened and may start to behave in a violent manner. This may include throwing its head or charging toward you and pushing you into a wall or a gate. Therefore, you should take care to avoid ever being cornered by a cow without an easy escape route. It is also a good idea to train your cattle to be handled with halters, which is a training process that you should begin when the cow is young. You can also get your cattle used to being handled by brushing them regularly and running your hands over their bodies and legs. In doing so, you can help to prevent your cattle from feeling threatened when placed in potentially stressful situations.

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