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Properly Releasing and Feeding Your Horse

To keep yourself safe when you are releasing your horse to pasture or to its stable, care must be taken to ensure you and your horse both stay safe during this process. The same is true when it comes to feeding your horse in the field or using a bucket of food in order to catch a horse that is out to pasture. Here is a look at a few ways to stay safe in these circumstances.

Releasing Your Horse

Whether you are releasing your horse to pasture or simply ready to release it back into its stable, you will need to remove the head collar that you put in place. To do this, you should first lead your horse to the turnout area and then turn it around to face the door or gate before you release it. This helps to minimize the chance of your horse trampling or kicking you if it becomes overly excited by the release. It also helps the horse to clearly see the exit so it can leave directly and without causing itself injury.

Feeding in the Field

Whether you are feeding your horse in the field or you are simply using a bucket of food to help catch a horse that is out in the field, you should take certain steps to keep yourself safe. This is particularly true if there are several animals kept in the same area, as they can become aggressive as they each vie for the food. As a result, you are at risk of injury as well as your horse. Ideally, you should avoid this situation if at all possible. But, if it is unavoidable, consider having someone else help you in order to keep an eye on the other animals. You should also approach slowly and within clear line of vision of the animal so you do not accidentally catch it off guard and cause it to spook.

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