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Protecting Your Horse from Aural Plaque

More commonly known as aural plaque, aural papilloma is a condition that affects the inside of a horse’s ear. Usually a benign condition that does not bother the horse, aural papilloma can result in ear sensitivity over time.

Protecting Your Horse from Aural PlaqueRecognizing aural papilloma in a horse is relatively simple, as the condition is characterized by a white, plaque-like material inside the horse’s ear. The plaque is generally raised and rough to the touch. The condition may also be characterized by thick, pink skin beneath the lesions in the ear. The horse may also develop head shyness or may begin to regularly engage in head shaking.

Once aural papilloma develops, it is difficult to get rid of on a permanent basis. This is because the virus that causes the condition can become dormant and never truly leaves the body. If the condition seems to be irritating the horse, the plaque can be cleaned away before applying a soothing, healing ointment to the pink skin beneath. This can help to ease the pain while also reducing the size of the affected area. For more difficult cases, you may need to cover your horse’s ears with ear covers. This will help to protect the horse’s ears from black flies, which can aggravate the area and worsen the pain.

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