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Providing Your Horse with the Proper Nutrition

Before becoming a horse owner, it is important to have a solid understanding of the nutritional needs of the animal. In their natural environment, horses will graze throughout the day. Therefore, when a horse is kept in a stall, special care must be taken to ensure the horse eats properly throughout the day. Otherwise, the horse may develop digestive problems such as colic.

horse removal and burial

horse removal and burial

As a general rule of thumb, the goal is to help your horse keep small amounts of feed in its digestive track at all times. To accomplish this goal, it is best to feed your horse smaller amounts of food as often as possible. This will help to approximate the horse’s tendency to graze constantly. Instead of providing your horse with a large amount of grain just once per day, it is better to provide it with a small amount of grain three to four times per day. This will reduce the chance of colic by helping your horse’s gut maintain the constant level of bacteria that is necessary to digest food. You may also use a horse supplement to add to your horse’s nutritionally needs. 

It is also best to feed hay to your horse before presenting it with grain. This will take the edge off your horse’s hunger, thereby preventing it from gulping down its grain.

Even with the best care, the time will eventually come when you have to say goodbye to your horse. When that time comes, you can trust The Last Ride Arizona to handle all of your large animal removal needs.