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Preventing and Treating Rainscald in Your Horse

The Last Ride Arizona discusses Rainscald in Your Horse

A skin infection caused by a softening of the skin, rainscald can develop in a horse that has a weakened immunity or who is already in poor condition. The skin infection may also result from a lack of the grease that is naturally found in the coat of the horse that is meant to help it stay warm and dry. If leaking or non-breathable turnout rugs or used, rainscald may also develop due to poor air circulation under the rug. Similarly, Rainscald in Your Horse may develop if the horse’s back is constantly getting wet due to rain or sweat.

Rainscald in Your HorseA horse that is infected with rainscald may develop patchy hair loss along the back and quarters. This hair may become matted while the skin develops sores and weeping lesions. As such, treatment of the condition involves cleaning the affected areas with antiseptic scrub and then applying a solution of one percent potash alum. In more severe cases, antibiotics or penicillin may be needed.

To prevent rainscald, it is important to ensure the horse always has access to shelter. It is also best to avoid wet, muddy fields and to take measures to prevent mud from splashing onto the skin. Affected horses should be stabled in a dry box with all damp bedding removed and the right type of rugs should be selected for the conditions and properly maintained.

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